Diet For Acid Reflux

With Project Diet Acid Reflux, I will provide you with a basic diet which you can use to improve your acid reflux symptoms and address the myths and truths of how various foods contribute to your heartburn or to your relief of heartburn. There are some things you can do, or not do, to help improve your symptoms. Some of the things you can do to help relieve symptoms are directly related to diet, while others things are more related to what you do after eating.
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Wine and Acid Reflux

As many wine lovers who also suffer from acid reflux will attest, alcoholic beverages aren’t the easiest on the stomach. The phrase wine acid reflux is almost a term in itself; the combination of alcohol and the acidity of the wine make for an uncomfortable team for your esophagus and your stomach to combat.

In recent years, researched have accumulated evidence to indicate that wine — especially red wine — contains a plethora of healthy compounds. This doesn’t change the many poor affects of drinking alcohol, unfortunately, but has given both researchers and wine lovers cause for pause. How can we leverage those healthful properties without harming ourselves? Continue reading