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Welcome to Barrett’s Esophagus!

Welcome to Barrett’s Esophagus, a site I am designing after learning about the condition when my father recently developed it.

As I studied it, I grew both fascinated and concerned with how many people may be developing Barrett’s Esophagus right now but don’t even realize it.

This is because heartburn is so common and so frequently treated with superficial over-the-counter drugs that many people don’t appreciate the potential long-term consequences of that heartburn.

I also grew concerned when I learned how many people don’t seek medical advice to diagnose whether they’re experiencing simple gastric reflux or whether they’re developing a more serious concern. It can be difficult, as many different conditions share similar symptoms.

My site is new, but I have the following Barrett’s Esophagus related articles prepared for your assistance:

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And of course, for more about Barrett’s Esophagus itself and my hopes for this site, visit the front page:

Barrett’s Esophagus

Thank you for visiting and take care.

— Kevin