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Heartburn Home Remedies

With the staggering list of side effects that come from medications designed to treat heartburn, it may be safer to try heartburn home remedies before heading to the pharmacy for specialty medications. But before discussing home remedies for heartburn, you need to first understand heartburn itself so you can better treat it. What Causes Heartburn? What is referred to as heartburn is actually the burning

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Welcome to Barrett’s Esophagus!

Welcome to Barrett’s Esophagus, a site I am designing after learning about the condition when my father recently developed it. As I studied it, I grew both fascinated and concerned with how many people may be developing Barrett’s Esophagus right now but don’t even realize it. This is because heartburn is so common and so frequently treated with superficial over-the-counter drugs that many people don’t

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Barrett’s Esophagus Symptoms

If you have been suffering from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) for a number of years, you might be concerned that you will develop Barrett’s Esophagus, and understandably so. This article will focus on Barrett’s Esophagus symptoms and how to distinguish these symptoms from other gastrointestinal diseases, as there are sometimes overlapping symptoms. A Typical Progression To Barrett’s Esophagus Barrett’s Esophagus is often a natural progression

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